Hora Hora Hockey Club in Whangarei, Northland, is friendly and competitive with about 10 teams, from mixed Junior teams through to Women's and Men's teams in Divisions 1 and 2, plus Premier Reserve grade.
We play to have fun and to win in a great team and club environment.
We would like to extend an open invitation to all of you who would like to come back to or start new with Hora Hora Hockey Club for the 2016 season.
For further information regarding hockey please contact either Adam or Sandra (see Contacts page).


Winter Season:

Runs from about April until September. Games are played on different days or nights of the week, depending on the grade. See the team lists on the left hand menu. Please contact our recruitment person Sandra (see Contacts page) if you would like to play. 
More information about each team can be found in the left hand menu under Teams.

Summer Season:

Runs for six weeks from late October to early December and then starts again from about late January through to early March. Contact Sandra (see Contacts page) towards the end of the year if you are interested in joining in for the next round. The cost is about $25 for college age and adults, and about $10 for juniors.

The Summer ‘Twilight’ teams are a great way to try out hockey if you're new. Short fun games on a quarter field. Teams play two games of 30 minutes, with a break of 30 minutes in between.  Games are played on Tuesday or Thursdays for seniors and college players, and Wednesday nights for junior players. Teams are typically mixed with all ages and skill levels. Some are very competitive and some think a draw is a win. Fantastic fun. Loan hockey sticks are available for those just starting out, or getting back into hockey after a break.

Summer Season Equipment: There are old hockey sticks available if you don’t have one. A mouth guard is a good idea and essential for kids. The ball can only be pushed (no hitting) but… well… sometimes things go wrong. Running shoes/cross trainers and gym type clothing. You get hot. Teams will agree on a tee shirt colour and everyone will wear the same. Some teams might have sponsored tee shirts. For more about hockey gear see the equipment page.